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São Vicente, Lisbon


980.000 €

The whole project, with the building as it is, the plans, and a budget for building (which starts at €485,000), is being sold for €500,000. This makes the total budget for the project about €985,000. This is a great opportunity to make your perfect home in one of Lisbon’s best spots. Here’s a special chance with this townhouse in the lovely area of Graça. It's for sale just as it is now, but it comes with all the plans and permissions already sorted out, plus a team ready to help build it. This means you can skip all the usual headaches and delays that come with getting building permits and jump straight into choosing how you want the inside and finishes to look. This house has everything you might want: it's in the Graça neighborhood, has a garden, swimming pool, garage, open living space, lots of sunlight, big windows, and a rooftop terrace that looks out over the river. The house has four floors, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a room for work or study. The main living area is big and open, with tall windows that let you look out at the garden and pool. The main bedroom is extra special with a private balcony where you can see the view from your bed, and it has a big closet area too. The other two bedrooms can be used for whatever you need. The top floor has its own bathroom and a small kitchen, and it opens up to a big terrace with a view of the Tagus river. This space could be great as a playroom, office, or extra bedroom.

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Available Units in this building

171 sqm
50 sqm

Development Location

Calçada dos Barbadinhos, Lisboa, Portugal

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