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There are long stretches of nothing – but then you get to where you’re going, and it’s worth every mile of wondering if you’re completely lost. From Sagres’s secret surf scene in the south to Alentejo’s underrated wine country, there’s more to Portugal than Lisbon (although, what a capital it is). 


With its Atlantic coast and Mediterranean climate, the country is scrappier than Spain and wilder than France – its charm is in its reluctance to be too polished, and Portugal’s prettiest places are raw, real, natural. 


After all, once something is too shiny, it simply presents a reflection of the familiar rather than its beautiful, authentic self.


Here are the fifteen prettiest places in Portugal that are worth every mile in between:

⁃ Comporta's Coast

⁃ Monsanto, Castelo Branco

⁃ Douro Valley Vineyards

⁃ Benagile Caves, Algarve

⁃ Sintra

⁃ Évora 

⁃ Praia De Odeceixe, Costa Vincentina

⁃ Aljustrel, Alentejo's Sunflower Fields

⁃ The Islets of the Azores

⁃ Obidos

⁃ Aveiro

⁃ Ilha Deserta, Algarve 

⁃ Berlengas Islands

⁃ Serra Da Estrela Natural Park

⁃ Arouca Geopark

Spectacular Landscapes

From the rocky and towery mountains in the north to the spectacular beaches in the south, Portugal is enriched with places that usually don’t turn up on maps. But they are there as a hidden secret for all the tourists to visit and explore the delightful beauty of nature.

Old fashioned charm with contemporary sophistication, Portugal is both classic and distinctly modern. It’s a paradox that attracts visitors from all across the globe.


The country’s iconic cities are where modern life buzzes with the ancient landscapes referring to the past. Like in the city of Porto, which you can admire in the picture.

From amazing scenes from the top of the mountains to the largest underwater world, Portugal is unique in every sense.

The country has a variety to offer to its visitors, from the oldest bookstore in the world to Europe’s largest bridge.

From hidden cities’ secrets to the shores of the noisy water striking the surface will leave you in awe.

Whether you’re in Lisbon or the Madeira Islands, the scenic landscapes will never cease to amaze you. Millions of tourists visit every year to witness the magical beauty of all Portuguese regions. 

The stunning beaches all over the country, especially in the Algarve region, are a huge attraction for tourists looking to spend their vacations in serenity. Tourists who fall in love with the region then turn into expats, enjoying the rest of their life in a city that feels like home. 

Idyllic Climate

One of the major reasons people choose Portugal over any other European country is its uniform weather throughout the year. Especially on the Algarve coast of southern Portugal.

Most of the EU countries experience extreme hot to extreme cold conditions. While on the other hand, cool sea breezes in summer and pleasant, comparatively warm wet winters make Portugal a desirable place for all the expats and tourists to visit and settle in Portugal.

There are almost 300 days of sunshine, but not the kind of sunshine that burns your skin every time you step out. The Portuguese golden sun is warm and refreshing, enough to make you want to sit outside and sip on a drink at a local cafe. 

Summertime in Portugal is the most demanding season of the year. With over 2 million tourists visiting and enjoying the beauty here, the months of May to August are buzzing with excitement. 

The temperatures are moderate throughout the year, so you get to experience all four seasons but nothing extreme. The country’s geographical location is ideal, and that’s why people love it! 

Traditional Cuisine

One of the prominent factors of Portugal’s popularity is its simple and delicious cuisine.

Be it seafood, meat, or vegetables; the food is relatively simply cooked following the basic ingredients rather than complicated sauces used in its neighboring countries like France, Italy, or Spain.

Moreover, Portugal is highly affordable when it comes to food.

One unique feature of Portuguese cuisine is seasoned food. They cook what is in according to the season.


One of the specialties of Portuguese food is potatoes cooked in a variety of ways. Pastéis de Nata is the signature Portuguese dessert, an egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon.

Other famous Portugal cuisines include Bifana, Bacalhau, Squid, and Sardines.

As for drinks, Portugal is one of the world’s biggest consumers of wine per capita.

Portugal’s most famous export is a wine that is also the national drink, called Licor Beirão.

Moreover, the world’s oldest wine-producing region and a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Douro Valley is another popular feature of Portugal.


The local produce is fresh and affordable, and lots of farmer’s markets around different cities have made it more accessible for residents to eat to their heart’s content. 


It’s easy to find fresh ingredients that aren’t heavy on the pocket and allow you to stay within a budget of €200 per month. This low cost of living, paired with the high standard of living, makes it an ideal country to spend life in.


Tourists also find themselves coming back here because it truly feels like a dream vacation on a budget. The traditional cuisine is delicious and diverse, and it’s difficult to stay away from local street cafes. 

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